Meet Alex Ooley

  • Alex Ooley - O2 Gun Group InstructorJuris Doctorate – Indiana University Maurer School of Law – 2017
    • Practicing attorney in the State of Indiana
    • Admitted to the Federal District Court for Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana
  • Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network Affiliated Attorney
  • SAFTD Certified Defensive Handgun Instructor​
  • Active NRA Certified Instructor Certifications:
    • Basic Pistol
    • First Steps
    • Personal Protection In the Home
    • Personal Protection Outside the Home
    • Defensive Pistol
    • Home Firearm Safety
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer    
  • Previous Civilian Self-Defense Training:
    • Shootrite Firearms Academy – Tiger McKee – Defensive Handgun
    • Massad Ayoob Group – Armed Citizens’ Rules of Engagement (MAG 40) and Deadly Force Instructor
    • Greg Ellifritz and William Aprill - "The Unthinkable"
    • Sand Burr Gun Ranch – Basic Snubbie Revolver
    • Various NRA courses

NRA Certified Instructor - Alex Ooley

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